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Here are a list of helpful links and articles... 

Real Estate News
Agent News
Real Estate Forum
Real Estate Forum
Inman News Features
Realty Times Front Page
HomeWarehouse.Com - Home Improvement. Improved.

Today's Homeowner Expert Advice On Improving Your Home Sitesearch
Two Education Programs Being Launched To Help Agents Into Cyberspace

News Groups and Forums:
Home Speak
Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center

General Real Estate Websites:
David Roeder Commercial Real Estate
International Real Estate Digest, Directory of 30,000 web sites


Virtual House Tours:


Homes for sale by Owners, Agents, & Builders showcased in impressive house tours provide affordable real estate for sale advertising.

Klein, Mejia and Associates 
Real Estate Job Store
Real Estate Recruit
Real Jobs

REO Professionals:


Real Estate Career Institute 
ATS Training Service
Allied Schools

Free/Demo/Shareware Software:
Free Internet Access
ZDnet Free Downloads

Downloads form CNET
Microsoft trials version
Microsoft Software Demos
5 star shareware

Office Products:

Computers and Software:
Microwarehouse (free overnight delivery)

Home Design:
SierraHome - Cooking, Gardening, Home Design, Family Tree and more!
Remodel.com homepage
Today's Homeowner Home Improvement from Kitchen and Bath to Yard and Garden
HomePortfolio.comthe world's best in home design.

Home Repairs:


Maps and Directions:
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